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Great marketing doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t magically appear with the touch of a button. It doesn’t quietly place itself on your trophy shelf. No, great marketing is, well, work. And because great marketing is all we care about, we forever embrace the hardships of its journey. We chase it to the ends of the earth. We get our hands dirty. We trip over ourselves, and sometimes, we end up with a few scars to show for it. But in the end, it’s worth it. Because our clients are worth it. And it’s our promise to them to continually push for only the best, category-changing ideas that change their business. It’s not easy, but that’s the point.


From defining your objectives to zeroing in on audiences and customers to setting the framework for a new set of tactical initiatives: We can help. Our team gets involved early and often, working with you to develop a realistic and effective blueprint for any objective.

Media Buying + Planning

Go big or go small? Billboards or digital banner ads? Front load your media buy or allocate evenly over time? What about multiple market considerations when your business is in different cities or states?

Web Design

Your website is your online store, showroom and boardroom. It’s a gallery to showcase your brand, its values and your products or services. And it’s where customers go to get information and transact business.

Graphic Design

At the heart of your business is a visual identity. Your brand, the products or services you offer, your logo, collateral, signage, even the interior design aesthetic of your offices — they are all rooted in design and work together to convey your personality.


For us, SEO is all about engaging the audience. It’s about developing an intelligent content and communication and writing copy that is honest and meaningful to the reader. It is not about keyword dumps and expensive programs that take years to work.

Video + Photo

At Victory, we have full-time, in-house photographers and videographers on staff, and for our clients, that’s a real game changer. Having this capability enables us to shoot everything from product shots, to buildings and locations, to corporate headshots, social media content, commercial spots quickly and affordably.

Digital Ads

At Victory, we will translate your objectives into a well-honed and executable digital strategy, and develop moments of engagement that inspire and lead to action. While a campaign’s marketing mix may call for display banner ads, pre-roll video, landing pages and retargeting efforts among other tactics, our real objective is to weave together a consistent online and offline brand story that stands out and feels authentic.

Social Media Marketing

Today, almost every growing company has a Facebook page. They’re on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and every other critical platform. But a social presence alone without a well-thought-out social strategy is unlikely to galvanize your audiences and move the needle.

Content Creation

Content marketing is a term that often gets thrown around, and people may have different interpretations of what it really means.


We know it takes collaboration, ideas and individual strategy to build a service like we offer. So what did we do? Found the best in every industry of marketing, to make your brand better than ever.


To say that I know very little about web design and social media marketing is an understatement. Working with Dayne and the team at Victory Media has exceeded my expectations and has given me confidence in moving forward with that part of my business. Everyone on the team is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and talented at what they do and very up to date on the trends. I couldn’t be happier with the work they have done for me so far!

Michelle Lynn. Owner, Natural Beauty

I approached Dayne and his team to go outside the box for a creative idea on how to promote my clients events. Together, we have come up with consistent strategy that includes social media and graphics that come in all my event packages. Dayne is willing to listen, try, and fine tune as we go. He is fantastic to work with for an existing or new idea.

Meg Demand, Owner, Demand Results
Jolene Fisher

Victory gets my brand and what message I need to convey to my audience and they tell me my next move! I can't tell you how freeing it is to not have to plan all of that for myself when I'm just trying to get my job done. If there was a rating system for Victory Media I would give them 5 out of 5 stars. Everyone goes the extra mile to make me happy and deliver high quality content on time and as promised.

Jolene Fisher, Owner, No Bad Days

Dayne and his team at Victory Media impress in so many ways … from the quality of people they are and their thoughtful approach to how to move your message forward to immediate accountability and correction if something does happen to ever fall short of expectations. In short, they care about making the experience right in a world too often consumed with expediency.

Tim Mitrovich, CEO, Ten Capital

Working with Victory Media is like working with a friend. You feel as though you’ve been partnering with them for years. Dayne makes things easy and comfortable while still stretching you to think new thoughts, stretch your business & be willing to go where you haven’t gone before. Be ready to be challenged, inspired and laugh a lot.

Cami Bradley, Photography