Sweepstakes Management

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Sweepstakes Management

Sweepstakes Management: Ways You Can Promote Your Sweepstakes

As a businessperson, if you do not have sweepstakes as part of your promotion mix, you are missing out. Sweepstakes are a valuable marketing means that can help your business grow. It is an advertising conduit that helps you towards generating better business leads. At the end, it promotes your business brand, thus leads to improved and better sales. This results in more profits and increased chances of business survival.

Sweepstakes are amongst the easiest and most affordable promotional campaigns you can run. When done in an appropriate and right manner, it produces outstanding results. In fact, you can compare the outstanding results from sweepstakes to that of other marketing methods. Sweepstakes offer the opportunity for amassing new customers and email subscribers. With sweepstakes, you are bound to have massive social media followers.

Sweepstakes management is not as easy as it sounds. You need to plan and build the right platforms to implement this low-cost marketing mix. Here are top 5 ways you can promote your sweepstakes.

Ways to promote your sweepstakes

1) Blogging

In sweepstakes management, blogging is one of the best ways to promote your sweepstakes. Customers are eager to read about your sweepstakes. So, write a blog about them and use such blog to inform your customers about your sweepstakes. In your blog, create posts that describe your sweepstakes in clear and concise terms. Write a concise description that explains to your audience about the benefits of your promotion. Use your blog to inform them steps required to enter the promotion. Tell them about the prizes to be won and the points they will earn if they enter the promotion. In your blog, state how the sweepstakes will improve the life of your audience. While blogging, focus on words that will convince your audience to take part in your sweepstakes.

2) Use sweepstakes and contest registers/directories

Sweepstakes and contest registers/directors can help you promote your sweepstakes. They play important roles in driving massive traffic to your sweepstakes. These registers/directories are on websites over the internet. So, you can post your sweepstakes on them to reach as many visitors as possible. Do not use these registers/directories if your sweepstakes are for a target audience.

3) Make Social media post

In sweepstakes management, social media is a major platform to promote your sweepstakes. So, you must make appropriate and good use of all entire social media platform. Make and share posts with relevant information about your sweepstakes via social media. Your posts should include the relevant direct link to your sweepstakes page. Do not ignore the power of social media and the results that can emanate from it. So, make regular posts about your sweepstakes on various social media platforms.

4) Create a direct link to your sweepstakes on your homepage

One of the best ways to promote your sweepstakes is to create links for them on your homepage. Create links on the homepage of your website with promotional and catchy images. These links should have direct access to your sweepstakes. Use simple alert services to alert visitors on your homepage about your sweepstakes. This is an important practice in sweepstakes management with lots of positive results.


Sweepstakes Management