Maiden Blog! We are Live

  It’s official!! The website is launched, and Victory is fast approaching on 1 year of fun, madness, amazing relationships, 3,328 gallons of coffee and now our first blog!  (insert fireworks emoji) So to launch the first blog we wanted to let you know a little bit about who we are, what we do… and of course the infamous “why”.  We also will show you one of our favorite projects to date and may have a tip or two up our sleeve… So, buckle up and enjoy.  (insert seatbelt and popcorn emoji) Victory Media, that’s us!  Well… let me clarify… that’s me.  (insert Dayne emoji).  I started Victory almost a year ago with the intention of making awesome content and changing the way businesses look at social media.  We started focusing completely on creating unique content for all forms of social and digital media.  We used high-quality photography, some of the best videographers in the business, wicked talented graphic designers and poof. (insert magic emoji).  Our business model was not just different than others in the industry, but it worked, and we built some amazing networks and ways of doing things.  We discovered our little secrets and created a dream team of niche business owners that together could create the magic, as we conducted. We knew right away, we were on to something, and our original business plan was going to need to be scrapped and the new Victory was born.  We were no longer… but we became… it may seem like just a domain name or simply letters, but to us, it means so much more.  It means creating and collaborating on all fronts of a business’s marketing plan and making EVERYTHING awesome, unique, fun and there to not just drive a wow factor but to drive results and ROI. (insert money emoji) We do it because we all want to be different, better and effective.  The best ideas rarely come from ones you have heard before.  We knew to be the greatest agency in the universe we needed to create a collaboration of creatives that were not just gooooood, but greeeeaaaat. (insert Tony the Tiger emoji) Creatives that believed in our vision, awesome partners that cared just as much about our clients' success and product as we did.  So over the next… well… forever… that’s what we will do until we find a way to make it better.  In addition, we promise to continue to create Victory content for you to be a part of our story and family.  We have our new website, newsletter, social pages, vlog (coming soon), podcast and this blog to keep you informed, inspire you and hopefully drive you to create something awesome too! (insert Leonardi di Vinci emoji) Many Blessings to you, thanks for being a part of the journey,   Dayne Kuhlmann Founder ___________________________________________________________________ What we have been up to:

Is actually from:

We did a photoshoot for Jolene Fisher, owner of with the amazingly talented Cami Bradly and Cami captured this amazing lounging in the pool shot of Jolene.  (Let’s be real, that photo could be in any national magazine)  While she was setting up the shoot I decided to try out the duck and enjoy the summer for a second.  Cami, with a severe hope of me falling in the water, took a variety of shots hoping to capture the #fail moment.  Fortunately for me, I stayed dry!  Unfortunately for me, the sleeping duck photo has emerged. While it appears I am ducking lazy, we captured some absolute magic that day!  

Tip of the Week: Nail your headline.

  Shareaholic studied 200,000 publisher websites in October, and learned that 27.27% of those websites' traffic came from social media referrals. That means when content is shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, there is a huge opportunity for it to get discovered by others, as well. So how can you increase the likelihood someone will click a link to your content when a shared link flows down a person's social stream? Well, what makes you click on a particular link you see shared on social media? Chances are, it's a great headline that catches your attention and earns your click. That means no matter what the subject, a great headline will help that piece of content spread further. So ... what makes a great headline? It's similar to writing a great subject line for email marketing. Think about the four "U's" that Copyblogger teaches us about great subject lines and headlines:  
  • Useful:Why is the blog post valuable?
  • Ultra-specific:What can I expect to learn from the blog post?
  • Unique:Why is this blog post compelling and unique?
  • Urgent:Why should I read this NOW?
Be sure to incorporate all four of these qualities in every headline that you write, and people will be more prone to continue sharing your content across social media. (article from HubSpot)