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Driven by Purpose.
Not Just Profit.

I knew when I created Victory, it would be a family and a team, not just one idea

Victory Media connects great companies with awesome people and ideas. Born from a desire to help people succeed and a deep burning passion for creative marketing and brand development, we are devoted to help our people get to the next level.

It’s not Victory without winning:  results matter, we deliver. And when we don’t win, we learn and then win even bigger.

Victory strives to be different and better than the competition.  The industry is overflowing with creatures of conformity and comfort. We know the best ideas are rarely the ones you’ve heard before. When you work with Victory, you will save time, money, sanity and the whales, well sort of. We make sure to contribute 10% of our earnings back into the community each quarter.

Dayne Kuhlmann
  • Dayne Kuhlmann

    Dayne Kuhlmann


  • Mary Lefkowski

    Mary Lefkowski

    Creative Director/Partner

  • Bekki Whitney

    Bekki Whitney

    Media Buyer

  • Rob Holman

    Rob Holman

    Brand Manager/Partner

  • Nate Harris

    Nate Harris

    Brand Manager

  • Mitch Barham

    Mitch Barham

    Digital Marketing President

  • Jacki Mansour

    Jacki Mansour

    Project Manager

  • Matt Champine

    Matt Champine


  • Josh Best

    Josh Best


  • Julia Wentz

    Julia Wentz

    Operations Manager

  • Nichole Andrews

    Nichole Andrews

    Project Manager

  • Katie Guarisco

    Katie Guarisco

    Media Buyer